Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Dee Dee Halleck: Herb Schiller Reads The New York Times 1981

Filmmaker and media activist 
Dee Dee Halleck was a supporter, consultant and early and frequent contributor
to Communications Update before she founded 
Paper Tiger TV (1981), Deep Dish TV (1986) and raised start-up funds (see below for details) for Democracy Now (date TK). 

In the first 1980 series, Dee Dee was guest host for the program LOW POWER TV at the 93 Grand street studio (with Molly aged 3-4 months--scroll way down for video clip) and interviewed Parry Teasdale, consultant to the FCC, about his experience of low power TV at Media Bus/Lanesville following a report on its potential for "communities of interest".

As per archival schedule above, C-Update 1980 second series,  Dee Dee produced:

all cablecast in November 1981.

Dee Dee was president of AIVF (Association of Independent Video and Filmmakers) from 1978 to circa 1981. She founded The Independent and hired Ardele Lister to be its first editor.

In  a July 28, 2013 e-mail to LB, Dee Dee writes:

"The first Deep Dish series was in 1986 and we did series every year after that. The network of downlink channels averaged around 200, including Boston, Chicago, San Francisco, Tucson, Denver and many other major cities.

My role in Democracy Now was to turn the radio program into a television program and lease the satellite for distribution (which ended up being a lot more radio stations in addition to the cable access and community stations.)"

For Deep Dish TV and Democracy Now and Dee Dee's blogs, got to LINKS.