Thursday, July 25, 2013

1980 The Slits "They're Fucking On Your Head"

1980 Set design by artist Michael McClard, Liza Béar's partner, for talk part of program at the 93 Grand Street ad hoc studio in the early shows. Michael also made a colored pastel map of the world for the backdrop. A gigantic scoop light  probably found on the street was placed on the floor for low-angle light, and most likely not hung  from the sprinkler pipes. [Check with Michael]

Note:  The scoop light was used to light Hannah Schygulla whom Lindzee Smith brought to 93 Grand. We haven't yet found the schedule with that program.

The first two years most segments were shot on location in New York, rather than in studio--except for a few trips out of town: ie the Annenberg Conference in or near Philadelphia to shoot the New World Information Order programs. Dee Dee Halleck was one of the interviewers on NWIO.

Duncan Smith's "On the Current Symbolic Status of Oil" was shot on the New Jersey Turnpike and at a drive-in movie theatre.

We also got a drive-away car from New York to Miami to shoot Bob Cooper's satellite TV convention, a gathering of fiberglass sailboat manufacturers turned satellite dish manufacturers.  My former Avalanche partner Willoughby Sharp came to Miami with us in the drive-away car and acted as one of the interviewers. Other artist contributions were mostly from New York,  with two programs from Zagreb artists and one from New Orleans.

Michael was series co-producer in 1980 and 1981 which meant helping plan the series and doing camera work or sound with me.  We were both members of the video coop
of 12 artists that had been set up through CNAA, Inc. (See TOOLS below.
Michael McClard  

Ari Up, The Slits

The Slits:  Ari Up, Viv Albertine, Palm Olive, Don Letts  "They're Fucking on Your Head" rehearsal  at Tier 3, New York,  1980. Excerpt screened on C-Update. Courtesy The Slits and Lindzee Smith.

For Michael's artist website and interviews in Bomb Magazine go to LINKS.