NEW YORK, May 9, 10pm --Program segments from the C-Update Spring '82 series will be screened as part of a late evening on Artists' Public Access Cable TV (pre-internet) at the Spectacle Theater in Williamsburg. They include the Very Reverend b. Peachy's Send No Money Now; A Matter of Facts, by Eric Mitchell with Squat Theater; Crime Tales by Dictelio Cepeda and Robert Burden, and Lighter Than Air by Mark Magill. Clips, photos and synopses for all these works are posted in the main artery of this blog.
Still from A Matter of Facts by Eric Mitchell with Squat Theatre. Courtesy Squat Theatre.
Artists' Cable TV, as well as New Cinema Redux (May 7), Text Landscape Object (May 14), 
and Girls Gone Wild (May 18 and 23) have been organized by Laura Kenner and Rachel Valinsky.
For exact times check with Spectacle.


NEW YORK, May 1--The Very Reverend Deacon b. Peachy's The Housing Show (1984) was shown  at ABC No Rio on April 30 as part of Screening #1: Rare Works Revealed, the first of two video screenings that accompany the installation RESx (Real Estate Show Extended) currently on view at 156 Rivington Street on the Lower East Side. 

Also featured in the two-hour program were Sleeping with the Mayor (1989), a recording of a play written by John Jiler in collaboration with Homeward Bound, a group of homeless New Yorkers--members of the group performed in the play, which was a moving and high-spirited dramatization of their experiences during the summer 1981 encampment in City Hall Park ; Stephen Torton's Empty Space Is Never Wasted Space (1981), an in-depth expose of Woodhull, a $200 million Brooklyn hospital which at the time had been unoccupied for over ten years;  and Tribeca Real Estate: One Story (2000-2002), Tim Burns' edgy first-person account of an unscrupulous Mafia landlord's attempts to evict him and his family from their Tribeca loft in 1981, filmed by Ted Colless. Empty Space was originally cablecast on C-Update in 1981. 

The program was organized by No Rio's director Steve Englander in coordination with Liza Béar. For more information and full press release, see


IF YOU MISSED IT: A longer, 60 minute version of the program screened on July 25 (and related to the exhibit XFR STN)  may be viewed on monitor B of the fifth floor resource room at the New Museum FOR A WEEK UNTIL AUGUST  1.  Featured are segments orIginally made for  the  1982 Spring series: "The Very Reverend Deacon b. Peachy" by Iatrou/Morgan; "A Matter of Facts" by Eric Mitchell with Squat Theatre; "Crime Tales" by Robert Burden/Dictelio Cepeda; Mark Magill's "Lighter Than Air"  and Stephen Torton's "Watch Being Watched". The 60-minute tape was in the collection of Alan Moore and Michael Carter's MWF Video Club, started in '86, but had been independently digitized by C-Update  prior to XFR STN.
Admission is free  only on Thursday August 1 from 7 to 9pm unless you are a member of the press; if you are press and want to go on another day, please contact a day in advance so I can ask the New Museum to put your name on the guest list. Sorry for this cumbersome procedure!