"it took a while for public access to be recognized as a legitimate venue for artists, since we started out partly in sheer defiance of traditional art institutions such as galleries, museums and even not-for-profit art spaces. Public access was potentially an audience-yielding venue as long as the time slot was respected and certain minimal technical standards assured for purposes of transmission. " Quote from a 2011 email by Liza Béar to Dee Dee Halleck.

In March 2011, shortly after the Alternate Histories exhibit at Exit Art and in response to growing interest in late 70s and 80s film/video, Liza Béar* and Milly Iatrou+ created this blog to facilitate historical research by providing access to archival documents about Communications Update/Cast Iron TV ie program clips, schedules, press releases, exhibition announcements and reviews. There are posts about individual 
C-Update contributors and links to their own websites, as well as to related topics and to fellow travelers, thus linking past and present. [Blog is still in the making].

coordinator 1979-83, + coordinator 1984-85. See menu bar for details.