Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Crime Tales 1982 by Robert Burden and Dictelio Cepeda

New York-- "On location in Union Square: hard facts and hard humor about a hard way of life" was, according to records, the tag line  provided by video makers Robert Burden and Dictelio Cepeda. This exceptional documentary--a first work by the partners-- was  made as a program segment for the Spring 1982  series of Communications Update, and subsequently shown at the Kitchen (February 1983),  at the Jon Leon Gallery (June 1983), at Mr Dead and Mrs Free's Café (July 1983), and at The Museum of Modern Art (November 1983).  Directed and graphic design by Dictelio Cepeda, camera and editing by Robert Burden. Music by E.J. Rodriguez. 
Note: Robert Burden was a brilliant editor who had worked  with me on the subtitles for Oued Nefifik: A Foreign Movie, moonlighting at NVI where he worked. LB

Squat Theatre 256 West 23rd Street New York