Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Cast Iron TV: Programs

"Cast Iron TV (which airs Wednesdays at 7:30 on Manhattan Cable and Group W’s channel D) has a broad range of styles and concerns, from documentary to abstract narrative. The series has featured an interview with a Polisario representative from the Sahara, explored the implications of world satellite regulation, raised questions about police responsibility for the death of artist Michael Stewart, and parodied religious fund-raising shows.
The Reverend Peachy has appeared in five segments ... Among other things, the Reverend has tackled the topic of artists’ housing, pointing out little-known architectural features such as aerobic stairs and multipurpose sinks (good for washing paint brushes, dishes and faces). Appropriately, producers Millie Iatrou and Ron Morgan shoot the Peachy segments on Beta equipment in their own apartment. ... The series, now coordinated by Iatrou, has run over the years on a shoestring budget of $200 per show, and the individual producers generally recruit their own volunteer crews.
Like several of the New York artist-run series, Cast Iron occasionally airs alternative programming from abroad. Last summer it picked up a BBC “access” show which indicted racism on English TV. ... Another program, by documentarians David Pentecost and Lyn Tiefenbacher, explored the relationship of deforestation and the cultural survival of Mayan Indians."

Source: “Artists Gain Access to Cable”, Kathleen Hulser, Videography, Vol. 10, No. 1, January 1985

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