Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Send No Money Now!

"There's something I wanna say to you right now and I wanna close-up for this. And I mean this sincerely. Don't send any money right now, okay? Send not a penny. You may wanna send money to me because that's the kind of thing you've learned to expect from a religious show such as this. You know, you get the bible, and you get the prayers, and you get all that stuff, but they want you to send money now. In fact, we're gonna flash something on the screen, right now that's gonna say, Send no money now. Okay, now take a look at that."

The Very Reverend Deacon b. Peachy's Quarter Hour plus Thirteen Minutes
Part One: A Minor Retrospection
Iatrou/Morgan, 1982, 28 min.