Saturday, April 2, 2011


As the number of artist producers expanded, so did the style 
and subject matter of the shows, which ranged from political documentary to satire. The schedule itself gives a better idea of the wide range of formats, as unique as the artists who produced them.  In 1983, Communications Update was renamed to reflect that change. 
Ironically, although the new name, Cast Iron TV, clearly 
identified an architectural neighborhood in lower Manhattan,
the outlook or program scope didn't limit itself to SoHo. Nor 
did the producers who weren't all based in New York. For instance, Janet Densmore's The Algiers Killings explored the murders of African-Americans as retribution for a slain cop in the Algiers neighborhood of New Orleans. Video artists Sonja Ivekovic and Dalibor Martinis produced two programs on Zagreb Video.